Day Of The Beast

Directed and Produced by Ricardo Islas

02/27/14 Hanover House has announced that it will be releasing Frankenstein Day of the Beast this Summer on DVD and VOD in North America. Pick up your copy at Walmart and Best Buy Locations:

03/07/12 Frankenstein is One of the Top Ten Movies of the Year in Danél Griffin's Guide to Cinema, Click on the link below to read the story and check out a whole slew of amazing pictures from the movie.

02/07/12 Frankenstein "The Day of the Beast" Will Officially be Released on Blu-Ray in Germany April 26th 2012. You can also buy the movie at in German.

11/03/11 Frankenstein World Premiere. The official world premiere for the movie Frankenstein "Day of the Beast" will be held at The Portage Theater in Chicago Illinois on Sunday November 27th at 4pm. The movie will also be shown at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge on December 1st. Times to be announced.

08/04/11 Frankenstein Nears Completion. Less than a year scince this epic journey began, the movie "Frankenstein" Day of the Beast is almost complete. Most of the footage has already been edited, with special effects and music now being added.

01/18/11 Frankenstein Now Shooting. The first few weeks of filming have gone extremely well says director Ricardo Islas. Many of the winter scenes have now been completed and yes, it was brutaly cold filming in the woods and at the cabin but the results were amazing. To see pictures go to the photo gallery.

10/30/10 Frankenstein 2011 seeks funding through social networking. Independent Filmmaker Ricardo Islas and his production team are taking advantage of the current social networking generation by funding their remake of the classic horror film Frankenstein. The team has already raised several thousand dollars by utilizing the indie fundraising website IndieGoGo. It’s called crowd funding, and it allows the audience to fund films with small donations. For a donation of only $10 you can get a DVD copy of the movie with a special introduction: a video taped message by one of our stars thanking contributors. It would be a unique edition that nobody else would have. And for a donation of $500 or more you would have the opportunity to be killed on camera by the Lovely Elizabeth. The scene would be edited and then added to the DVD as a special bonus feature. So, for a very small amount of money you can be a part of filmmaking history. To make a donation go to:

10/13/10 We have just launched our new website. In the months to follow we will be bringing you all the most current updates right here. Also, you can visit us on Facebook at the link below:

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